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Welcome to the Really Florida Vacation Homes Property Management section of our website.

We are pleased first and foremost, that you have taken the time to look at our services and what we have to offer.

We at Really Florida Vacation Homes have a proud tradition of going that extra mile. We have 3 words which describe our ethos and goals whilst managing your home.

Integrity: All the staff at Really Florida will treat you and your renters with the utmost respect and conduct any dealings with both yourselves and your guests with absolute professionalism.

Honesty: You have entrusted us to manage your home in your absence and it goes without saying that we will always be honest and open with any and all issues relating to you, your guests and your home. As with Integrity, honesty is paramount in any relationship.

Reliability: Reliability is something that is built up over a period of time and is not a given. We work in the vacation home business because we want to, not because we have to or need to. We care about the vacation home industry and as a result we always want to be available when we are called upon. It is our valued owners and guests who ultimately decide if we are reliable and worthy. Please feel free to ask them.

As a proud member and active participant of the Central Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association ‘CFVRMA’ we are duty bound to operate under the code of ethics agreed upon with this organisation. We hold the the Polk County Tax Collectors Office ‘Seal of Compliance’. (The Tax Collectors ‘Seal of Compliance’ is a designation earned by Management Companies who meet or exceed industry specific criteria established by the Tax Collectors office.)

Please take a look at the services we provide and feel free to call or email us to discuss your requirements. Whilst we attempt to maintain a uniform approach to each home, we are aware of individual requirements and do our best to accommodate this by having an option based management system.

Vacation Home Management
There are 4 core elements that most Vacation Homes need in order to operate correctly. These are as follows:

Management Includes:
  • Provide a 24 hour call out service for your clients. In the event of an emergency.
  • Automation of utility company bill payment.
  • Schedule all cleans to the property.
  • Ensure that the home is properly licensed.
  • Pay all sales tax, local and state on OWNER’S behalf, to be advised and paid on monthly statement. Owner booking income must be reported to Really Florida on a monthly basis.
  • Mail monthly statement of accounts to owner’s, together with an update of reservation schedule (if applicable).
  • Place property on rental system and distribute to booking agents.
  • Contact your guests to ensure they have no problems during their stay.  Inspect home and advise of any problems.
  • Check smoke detectors and patio door alarms on a regular basis.
  • Check fire extinguisher annually as required by law.

Pool Service Includes:
  • Chemical check adding when necessary
  • Sweep Walls and Floor of Pool
  • Vacuum Pool (if needed)
  • Removal of any debris on Pool Surface
  • Pool Deck area hosed down weekly
  • Filter checked and cleaned as needed

Lawn Maintenance Includes:
  • Full Lawn Cut 
  • Edging of Lawn trimmed
  • Debris Blown away from paths and driveway
  • Light Pruning

Pest Control Includes:
  • Full Spray around all Interior walls
  • Full Spray around all Exterior walls

NOTE: Does not include termite protection or Lawn pest control, both can be quoted on “as is” basis.

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